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Manufacturer, trader and wholesaler of NEBULOUS

Rushing, traffic jams, school, extracurricular classes, homework, study, commitments ... A child’s daily planner is often as complicated or even fuller than that of many adults. As a consequence of this, children can suffer from stress or other problems such as attention deficit, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, etc. It is very important to start to practice mindfulness from an early age so that a child can integrate it into their day-to-day in a simple and natural way, and in this way find these very necessary moments of peace and serenity. At Cerdá, we want to contribute our share by sharing the fantastic universe of the Nebulous Stars, a world full of imagination in which relaxation, anti-stress and mindfulness are the protagonists. This universe favours the development of creativity and positive thinking through the practice of crafts and creative activities.
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