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These yellow characters have conquered the hearts of millions of children; as well as those of the many adults who have found in them endearing and fun beings. What began as characters who had a secondary role in the film 'Gru, my favourite villain', have gone on to star in one of the highest-grossing animated films of recent years. In addition, they have become the ideal "meme" for any occasion. An entire mass phenomenon on the Internet. The Minions were created from mutant DNA and crushed bananas, although in the latest film we discovered that they have been living on Earth from the very beginning, having lived amongst dinosaurs. They were designed to do the dirty work of a villain. They only have three fingers and they always wear overalls. These endearing yellow minions are differentiated by their height, width or hairstyle, and there are some who have only one eye. In addition, there is also the purple minion, a more aggressive version of the original whose evolution is derived from injecting serum into the Minions.
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