Manufacturer, trader and wholesaler of SHIMMER AND SHINE

Shimmer and Shine products have landed at Cerdá; as a wholesaler of clothing and accessories, we simply have to supply our customers with the latest clothing trends. Shimmer and Shine are two little genies who try to make the dreams of their best friend, Leah, come true. In each episode, Leah, a human girl, has to resolve a problem with help from Shimmer and Shine, her genie friends with magical powers. It undoubtedly has all the ingredients to charm and dazzle today’s children. At Cerdá, we have different Shimmer and Shine products, including accessories and clothing. Umbrellas for protection on rainy days, swimwear to enjoy a summer filled with magic and canvas shoes that are sure to delight the little ones. Shimmer and Shine products are bound to be a success, so what are you waiting for? Stock up on these products and offer your customers what they are looking for.
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