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Ricky Zoom is a series that is all the rage amongst pre-school children and their families. The star of the show is Ricky Zoom, a motorbike that goes on countless adventures, accompanied by his best motorbike friends. At Cerdá, given the values the series stands for and its success amongst little ones, we supply a range of Ricky Zoom merchandise that will help to increase sales targeted at this pre-school audience. This Ricky Zoom merchandise is the perfect present for children’s birthdays or any event, or the perfect gift for your own children who watch this new sensation. We have 3D backpacks, woollen hat and glove sets and neck warmers to ward off the cold. For rainy days, we have Ricky Zoom umbrellas and long-sleeve pyjamas to stay warm. A range of Ricky Zoom merchandise that will become the allies of little ones on their adventures. Stock up your business with the options available and offer your customer what they are looking for.
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