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Come and discover our new Garfield merchandise that will make your customers fall in love at Cerdá. Garfield is the iconic cat who is characterized by his humor and lazy personality. In the show, he has an orange with black stripes fur and he is ready to be back to being trendy this year. Forty years later, Garfield is still the world's favorite cat. This animated TV series is based on the Garfield comic strip and has won the hearts of many thanks to its humor. Garfield is a cat who loves to eat, sleep and watch TV (the life we all would like to enjoy) whose favorite pastime is teasing Jon and Odie. Jon is Garfield's and Odie’s owner, an awkward clumsy geek who has trouble finding a date. Odie, on the other hand, is an adorable naive little dog who is unaware of Garfield’s cynical nature and is often exposed to his abuse. What stands out the most about Garfield, is his love and obsession for lasagna and his very comical personality. The show focuses on a series of adventures between the characters. It has gained tremendous popularity, so much so that it has been adapted in all kinds of media: movies, video games, plays and dozens of Garfield’s merchandise and products. In Cerdá, we also want to have our range of Garfield´s merchandise and products that have us completely obsessed. We are convinced that your customers will want to wear them all the time, check them out here and don’t miss out on them!
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